Relieve Me: Cold & Flu Blend and Lymphatic Protection Blend Herbal Kit

A powerful combination of some amazing herbs designed to shield you from the cold and flu whilst bolstering your lymph node health.

The Cold/Flu Blend combines Eucalyptus, Horehound, Mullein, Peppermint, and Rosemary; these herbs are celebrated for their respiratory benefits. This blend provides a potent defense against seasonal challenges and respiratory irritations.

The Lymphatic Protection Blend contains Penny Royal, Rosemary, Burdock Root, Dandelion, Agnus Castus, and Bladderwrack; herbs that work harmoniously to nurture your lymphatic system. This blend helps with detoxification and promotes equilibrium, as well.

Learn to empower yourself to take charge of your well-being. Whether you're aiming to bolster your immune defenses against colds and flu or looking to nurture your lymphatic system for optimal health, this kit is it! Seize the vitality and balance that comes from nurturing your health with nature's treasures!