We are committed to intentional living, health and wellness so we all can become the best versions  of ourselves. We offer the following intentional services:

  1. Stretching and Yoga
  • Yoga flows created with love
    • Live virtual guidance can be added on to this service
    • Physical guidance( in-person)
    • Private ( one on one/couples)
    • Semi-privates (families of 4 or groups of 4 or less)

Relaxation assistance is included with in person yoga guidance for groups of 4 or less

  • Class ( 5 or more people)
  • Events- we will bring loving and beautiful vibes to any event, Encouraging strength, grace, and release
  • Yoga or stretching guidance for events
  • Assisted stretching( in-person)

**Virtual Q&A is included with all yoga services for up to 15 days after service is delivered

2. Herbal Wellness Kits
3. Breathwork
4. Sound Healing
5. Conscious Eating Guidance
Together D and Tori have over 8 years of experience eating consciously. This means fresh, local, and alive foods
  • We are happy to offer conscious meal suggestions and recipes( think meat free, full of plants, nutrients, and balanced)
  • Cooking classes virtually or in-person
6. Meditation and relaxation assistance

To learn more about our offerings along with pricing please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]